Challenge #13

Sorry if you've been hankerin' for some Nerd-Off. Hopefully, this new one will be fun. If not I have an idea I might try. Anyway, on with the challenge!

Challenge 13:

"Reboots" seem to be popular in cinema right now. They are also ever occurring in comics. They must happen else where as well. So barring your personal computer as an option, the challenge is:

Something that has had a "reboot".

Challenge #7

Wow, it's been a LONG time since we had one of these. Seeing as I just got done with the first major leg of Unfettered Entertainment's first feature film "Misfit Heights" I figured I'd make this challenge topical to that.

Challenge #7

Puppet-based story/project

This means puppetry is an integral and key element of the vehicle. The Terminator is not an acceptable answer despite the robots being types of puppets. Peewee's Playhouse is a borderline answer; on one hand it follows live action actors, but on the other puppets are such a prevalent element that I would allow it.

Challenge #6

So it looks like this is going to be on a intermittent schedule instead of every week. I'll try to not let it go too long.

I'm not going to score these any more. We're going to go with "everyone's a winner" and "you play for the enjoyment of playing, not winning". This also means I'm discarding the requirement of creating your own thread. Just reply to the last mentioned comment. If the threads get so imbedded that they are condensed, just start a new thread. Also, to go along with this, please do not reply to your own comments, wait for someone to reply first.

On with the challenge!

Challenge #6:

Religions - real or fictional

Challenge #5

Holy Bananas! Where has this been?!

So I fell off the wagon of posting a challenge every week. Sorry about that. To be honest, it'll probably continue to be sporadic like this. Man, you guys really didn't seem to dig on the alien challenge. Are you telling me something? Are there topics I should avoid, or maybe topics I should focus more toward? Let me know.

Challenge #5:

Prominent or unique books

I'm talking special here, it has to have a good reason for being listed, not really good books. So listing things like Lord of the Rings for being influential, or Harry Potter for that matter, or something being a bestseller for really long. I want crazy stuff, fictional books (as in, a book in a fiction) are allowed. I hope I'm making this understood.

EDIT: Okay, let's try this again. I mean like one-of-a-kind books. Whether they are books that never existed (a book in a movie) or incredibly unique books in real life (unique as in, there is only one copy, I'm also willing to accept unique as in very special reason to be listed jpfed's reason is a decent example). To help people with this I would also ask that you provide your source,and maybe any sort of information you know that you think makes it unique. Dang it, this one is hard to explain, but I like it a lot.

EDIT 2: Okay, so my original entry was invalid so I deleted it. I used it based on old (and misinformed) knowledge and upon current research determined I was in the wrong. So the Malleus Maleficarum, while an interesting background, was not the unique tome I thought.

EDIT 3: This is getting excessive, If anyone has a suggestion for how to clean up the challenge I will delete this one and start it over. Dang.