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The New Nerd-Off
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Show off your nerdly muscles by getting more points than the other nerds
Welcome to the new Nerd-Off! I was a big fan of the original. I found it late in its life and it hasn't seen any action since 2005. I also thought the idea of a "winner" would be fun to establish. So I instead of poking the original in an attempt to get those guys to continue something, I figured I'd try out my version. I also want to include more than just comics here, spreading into fanboydom and nerdly pursuits as a whole. I hope you enjoy it!

-The post will be the challenge and each member will comment with their answer to the post in question.
-Each member can only comment directly to the post once, beginning their "stack".
-Members may respond to another member's comment, "stacking" their answer over the first member's, taking control of the stack.
-A member is awarded points equal to the number of members minus the number of stacks preceding theirs to a minimum of 1 (If there are 20 community members, the first comment is worth 20 points, the second is worth 19, and so on.)
-Every response on a stack subtracts 1 from that stack's point value to a minimum of 1. (If a stack is worth 20 points and there are three responses to the initial reply, it is now worth 17.)
-Invalid comments and responses (incorrect answers, repeat answers, dual responses, off-topicism, community vandalism, etc)will be deleted. All valid responses that follow an invalid comment or response are considered fair game and must be re-entered AND CAN BE STOLEN!
-Refer to the LJ timestamp to verify which is the original answer in the case of a repeat.

I think 7 rules is enough for now. Feedback is welcome! I want to make a this fun, so let me know if you've got a suggestion!